Welcome | Cove - Arne Street, Covent Garden

Welcome | Cove - Arne Street, Covent Garden

Everything you need to know for your stay at Cove


We're on hand to help make your stay as seamless as possible - whatever mode you're travelling in.
Here you'll find all the important information about your apartment, Wi-Fi, appliances, our house rules and more.


Now you’re checked in, your key will give you access to your apartment. The access code for the front door of the building will be emailed to you prior to your arrival, although if you did not receive this, or you're still having trouble trying to access the building, please contact our Guest Services team on 033 0174 2694.

Make sure to keep hold of your apartment keys, as if they're lost you will be charged.

We’ll clean your apartment once every 7 days as standard. If you’d like a refresh clean, contact our Guest Services team on 033 0174 2694 to request fresh linen, Ecolab cleaning products and other essentials (but we do ask you request this in advance as our Housekeeping team are not onsite everyday). We’re CSC and ISAAP ‘Stay with Confidence’ accredited, you can be assured we’re taking every precaution to keep things clean and hygienic.

All Arne Street apartments come with a free, private WiFi connection. You'll be able to find your unique WiFi password on the A5 Welcome poster within your apartment. 

Please make sure you read the fire plan located by the entrance door of your apartment. 

In the event of discovering a fire, immediately raise alarm by breaking the glass on the nearest fire alarm call point located on each floor.  

On hearing the fire alarm leave the building immediately via the nearest escape route and assemble on the corner of Long Acre, next to Cafe Nero. 

Don’t stop to collect your personal belongings, and don’t re-enter the building until you are told that it is safe to do so. 

We’re conscious of our environmental footprint, therefore we’ve gone as digital with appliance manuals. If you’re onto your last pair of socks, or can’t figure out the right setting for your dishwasher, you’ll find the answer in the manuals below. If you still have problems, drop our guest services team a line and they will be on hand to help. 

Our Two and Three Bedroom Apartments contain a sofa bed. If you let us know at the time of booking, it will be made up for you on arrival. If you didn't request this, it won’t be. However, if you didn’t request it in advance and would like to get your sofa bed dressed, let us know and we’ll help you out.

Our Three Bedroom Apartments come with cooling systems, meaning you can adjust the temperature in each room to your comfort, at any time (it’s auto-set to 21 degrees C). In all other rooms, you’ll find a fan in your apartment to help cool you down on those warm days.



The latest on what we're doing to keep you safe and healthy at Cove. 

Keeping Safe


Read our most commonly asked questions on departure, add-ons, amending your booking and more.

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Whether you’re staying a night, a week, a month or a year, you can relax knowing we do everything we can to keep you safe and our apartments enjoyable to stay in. We just ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to help us out.

All our apartments are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Please don’t: 

  • Touch or tamper with any safety equipment or procedures 
  • Smoke or vape inside of our properties as it is not permitted, please ask reception for the designated smoking area
  • Burn candles or incense 

We welcome furry friends at most of our Cove locations, as we know there's nothing that helps us feel more at home. 
Dogs are accepted (on request) at: 

  • Cove - Paradise Street, Liverpool ONE, Liverpool
  • Cove - Cannon Street, The City, London

We reserve the right to ask any guests with pets to leave if the pet is causing damage to the room or is causing a nuisance to other guests.

Additional terms and cleaning fees will apply. Get in touch via [email protected] for more information.

More than a place to stay, Cove is a place to feel at home. We welcome your visitors for dinner parties, co-working or long overdue catch ups. But please bear in mind: 

  • No more than 8 people in your apartment 
  • No more than two people sleeping in each double or king-size bed
  • No more than one person sleeping in each single sofa bed, or two people in a double sofa bed
  • No visitors after 10pm or before 8am 


Our home is your home, however ignoring these rules may result in being fined and asked to leave, which of course we don’t want. 

In the interests of all our residents, we don’t tolerate any criminal behaviour, including malicious damage. We will report you to the authorities and ask you to leave.

You can be assured we’re taking every precaution to keep all our Cove apartments clean and hygienic. In order to do so we need you to play your part. 

  • We will clean your apartment every 7 days as standard, offering no-contact cleans on request - in the mean time we ask you to keep your apartment clean and tidy 
  • Dispose of food waste regularly 
  • Use the extractor fan when cooking 
  • Contact us via 033 0174 2694 if you require further cleaning services or products - we’ll be happy to help

All our Cove properties have CCTV and an Access Control system for your safety. We appreciate you understanding that: 

  • We welcome all under-18s, but they must be accompanied with an adult guardian or family member 
  • We’ll ask for photo ID when you check in 
  • If you lose your key, we’ll ask for photo ID before giving you a new one 
  • We only give one key per guest 

All Cove apartments are carefully designed and considered, and we want to keep them that way for future guests. That’s why: 

  • We require a valid, authorised payment card when booking, and may take a damage deposit when you check in 
  • We ask you to let us know about any damage before you check out 
  • We kindly ask that you don’t stick anything to the walls 

We don’t allow smoking or vaping anywhere on the property. Ask us where you can go instead. 

Please don’t blow smoke or vapour into our or our neighbours’ buildings. So you know - if you ignore these rules, you will be fined €/£240 for deep-cleaning, and asked to leave.  

Our residents are all sorts of people with all sorts of schedules. Please be considerate by: 

  • Keeping all noise including TVs, music, voices to a minimum between 10pm and 8am 
  • Cooperating with our team if we ask you to turn the sound down 


We try to make sure our buildings are as green as possible, but we need your help. Please turn off the lights and unplug chargers if you’re not using them, only turn up the heat when it’s chilly and use the recycling bin in the kitchen where you can.

Cove is a community of connected travellers, for life in all modes - whether that be working, relaxing or celebrating. Whatever your mode, please be respectful of other guests. 

We ask you to respect fellow guests and our team, as we ask them to do the same to you. 

These are unprecedented times and we appreciate your help and support during this challenging period for everyone. If you’ve got any questions feel free to get in touch. 



Extra beds  

Need an extra bed? They’re available on request in selected apartments. Speak to a member of our Guest Services team, and they’ll do their best to arrange one.

Extra cleans  

At Arne Street apartments are cleaned every 7 days as standard. However, if you require additional cleaning this can be arranged at a small cost. To arrange get in touch and we'll be able to organise this for you. 

Late check out  

If you need some extra resting time, you may be able to book a late check out for an extra £10. Contact the team via [email protected] or 033 0174 2694 and they'll see what they can do.

Note that depending on availability, and as Arne Street is a small property, this may not be possible so it’s best to book as soon as possible. Late check out can’t be guaranteed on the day.  


Cots are available free-of-charge, just contact our Guest Services team via 033 0174 2694 and they will sort this for you.


Standard check out: Our standard check out time is 11am at all of our Cove properties. We offer a contactless check out service, so feel free to leave at any time before this.  

Late check out: If you need more time to rest, late check out at 1pm is available for an additional fee of £10 (subject to availability).  

Please leave your keys inside the key returns box found in the ground floor hallway when checking out of the property.

Unfortunately, we don't have dedicated luggage storage at Arne Street as there is no reception area. Due to this, if you know you'll be arriving earlier than standard check in, or leaving later than standard check out, and will need somewhere to store your luggage, we would advise adding early check in or late check out to your booking. However, this is subject to availability. 

We can offer alternatives in nearby locations - contact the team via 033 0174 2694 for more info.

You will need the access code in order to enter the front door of the building - this will be emailed to you prior to arrival, although if you did not receive this, or you're still having trouble trying to access the building, please contact our Guest Services team on 033 0174 2694.

Yes. Your apartment is your home, and your friends are our friends. But when it comes to staying the night, our rooms have a set capacity. That means no more than two people sleeping in each double bed, no more than two people in each sofa bed, and no visitors after 10pm or before 8am. 

Yes – just make sure to specify your name and room number when ordering. 

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