A space like no other

Carefully designed, uncluttered serviced apartments that allow you to make the most of every moment, and every mode. Go from day to night, online to offline, me to we. Seamlessly.


 | for LIFE IN ALL MODES | Locke

These days it’s not about clocking in then logging off, presenting then partying, or even weekdays and weekends. It’s about undivided, seamless living. 

 | for LIFE IN ALL MODES | Locke

Flowing from one mode to the next without interruption. Working comfortably. Living efficiently. Blurring borders and being together, but with enough space for you. 

Work / life balance has changed, and Cove has emerged in response to the need for a different kind of accommodation and a new way of being. One where boundaries are less distinct, and yet more important than ever. Where simplicity and flexibility is everything - where time is well spent.

 | for LIFE IN ALL MODES | Locke

we're into living

 | we're into living | Locke

Lifestyle. Boutique. Family-friendly. Unlike other hotels or serviced apartments, we’re not into labels. We’re into living.

 | we're into living | Locke
Work-out. Lie-in. Power-up. Shut-down. Whatever mode you’re travelling in, our versatile spaces are designed to make life work. From signature sofas that effortlessly unfold to make room for the kids, to bespoke kitchen tables that have all the space you need for Zoomcalling and that impromptu dinner party. 

Our apartments are flexible, adaptable and personal. So make the space your own.
 | we're into living | Locke


Adaptable living

From Zoom to Zzzzs. Our signature sofas effortlessly unfold to make room for the kids, and our kitchen tables have all the space you need to make life work.

Truly centered

We take our community responsibility seriously, valuing and supporting local businesses and connecting with our neighbours in any way we can. 

High tech, but human

Friendly people to greet you; a virtual team on-tap to help. Together, providing the reassurance you need to truly relax into your stay. 
everyday comfort

everyday comfort

We believe in simplicity, beauty and efficiency. An uncluttered aesthetic and a focused philosophy. The things you - our guests - really care about, rather than every bell and whistle. 

Super-fast WiFi. Ergonomic seating. Soothing lighting. High-quality kitchenware. We value substance as well as style, so at every Cove, you’ll have all you need to make for a seamless and hassle-free stay.


Many of our Cove locations have been developed from our original SACO apartments. Taking the large rooms and spacious bathrooms, we’ve introduced a design aesthetic that is both beautiful and functional, creating apartments that are as high-tech as they are comfortable. 

 Over the coming months and years we’ll be expanding all over the UK and Europe, so keep a look out for new openings. 

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