Apartment Manuals | Cove - Landmark Pinnacle, Canary Wharf

Apartment Manuals | Cove - Landmark Pinnacle, Canary Wharf

Our versatile apartments are designed to make life work, whether that’s cooking, washing up or doing the laundry.

Impromptu dinner party? Onto your last pair of socks, or sorting last night’s dish wash? We're here to make life work, seamlessly. So if you’re not sure how to work the hob or which setting to select on your washer/dryer, take a look through the appliance manuals below. If you still need a hand, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

Select the appliance manual required below.

To use your in-room safe, please follow the below instructions:

  • Open the safe door 
  • Locate the button at the rear of the safe door back panel
  • Press the button until you hear the beep 
  • Input your chosen 3-8 character pin on the keypad followed by the star or hash key 
  • DO NOT close the door - Turn the lock and enter your pin followed by the star or hash key
  • Your safe is now set!
  • Upon departure, press the button to reset the keypad

Please ask a House Host if you need further assistance.

Still not working for you?

Just ask a member of the team for a hand, or contact our Guest Services team:
Tel: 033 0174 2694
Email: [email protected]

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