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How does payment work for Cove - Huntingdon house extended stays?

Cove - Huntingdon House has a 90-night minimum length of stay, so payments work a little differently to our other properties. To secure your stay, when you book you'll be charged an initial, upfront £3000 flat fee (no separate deposit needed).

After booking, our reservations team will get in touch with you with you by phone within 48 hours to craft a personalized payment plan. Once the initial payment and plan is agreed, you'll recieve a copy of the payment plan via email, and a convenient payment link will be sent to you. You'll get a payment reminder two days before the due date.

Unless you specify an alternative, we'll then take payments via the same card for the remainder of the payment plan. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If the payment doesn't go through for any reason, you'll receive a prompt payment link, with 48 hours to catch up on payments.

If there are any changes to your stay while you're with us, reach out to the team and we'll issue a revised payment plan.

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