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Where can I find the nearest amenities to Cathedral Road?

There are a variety of amenities around Cove - Cathedral Road.

Nearest Supermarket:
Co-Op, Pontcanna Street, CF11 9HS. Turn right once outside property walk straight up the road for 10 mins walk. 

Nearest Post Office: Canton Post Office, CF5 1XB. Turn left outside the property walk to main set of traffic lights turn right on to Cowbridge Road continue walking till you come to post office on the right hand side. 

Nearest Pharmacy: Pontcanna Pharmacy CF11 9DE Turn right outside the property and walk up Cathedral Road to traffic lights. Cross over the Road and walk down Pontcanna Street This leads in to Kings Road.

Nearest Gym: Pure Gym, Wood Street, CF10 1LA.  Turn left outside the property and walk up Cathedral Road. Turn left on to Cowbridge Road. Cross the road and walk up the millennium walk arrive in Wood Street. 

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