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What are the charges for a dog stay at Cove?

We love having dogs stay with us in the Cove properties listed below:

  • Cove - Minshull Street
  • Cove - Paradise Street
  • Cove - Cannon Street
  • Cove - Huntingdon House
  • Cove - Landmark Pinnacle
  • The Moorgate by Cove
  • Cove - Centrum, The Hague
  • Wittenberg by Cove

There's a one-time fee of £/€ 40, which covers a deep clean after your stay and includes a cozy bed and bowl for your dog to use during their visit. These amenities are yours to enjoy throughout your stay, and we kindly ask that they remain in the room when you check out. Upon check-in, you'll need to sign a waiver, and our team will provide you with a door hanger to display when your dog is inside.

If you're planning to bring your dog, please add the WOOF package during the booking process. If you've already booked, simply reach out to us via live chat, and we'll be happy to add it to your booking for you.


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