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Where do I collect my keys at St Martin's?

Cove - St Martin's is a self check-in property. On arrival, you'll need to collect your keys from our nearby Covent Garden property, Cove - Arne Street, 4 Arne Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 9FE.

Outside Cove - Arne Street, you will find a panel located below the intercom. Enter the main entrance access code you will have received in an email prior to checking in. When inside, you'll find your keys in a key safe located at the end of the hallway, underneath the stairs. Please enter the key safe code, you should have again received this in an email prior to check-in. Once you have got your keys, please close the key safe door.

If you can't find the email with access codes, speak to one of the team via live chat.

Chat to us.

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