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Where do I collect my keys at St Martin's?

Cove - St Martin's is a self check-in property. On arrival, you'll need to collect your keys from our nearby Covent Garden property, Cove - Arne Street, 4 Arne Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 9FE.

Outside Cove - Arne Street, you will find a panel located below the intercom. Enter the main entrance access code you will have received in an email prior to checking in. When inside, you'll find your keys in a key safe located at the end of the hallway, underneath the stairs. Please enter the key safe code, you should have again received this in an email prior to check-in. Once you have got your keys, please close the key safe door.

If you're having any issues with apartment access please give Guest Services a call on +44 330 174 2694

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