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What public transport options are available near Paradise Street?

If you're heading for a day out with family, brunch, lunch or to that all important meeting-  you'll find a a number of public transport options close to Cove - Paradise Street, Liverpool ONE.

Nearest bus station/stop: Liverpool One Bus Station.
 On exiting Cove - Paradise Street, turn left out of front entrance and walk to the end of the roas. Take a right turn after John Lewis and you should see the station.

Nearest train station: Liverpool Central Station. 
Exit through the front entrance turn right and follow the road towards College Lane. Turn right onto College Lane and then take a left onto Hanover Street. Follow the street and you should see the station.

Nearest bike hire: City Bike (
Pay the £1 unlock fee and choose your bike. Price is dependant on the bike. You'll fins a number of docking stations around the city. The closest to Cove - Paradise Street can be found at Liverpool One Bus Station.

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