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Where can I find the nearest amenities to Paradise Street?

Want to pick up a few essentials or hit the gym? Find below nearby amenities to Cove - Paradise Street, Liverpool ONE.  

Nearest supermarket
Tesco, Hanover Street, L1 4AF.
Directions: Exit the from entrance and turn left, shortly take a right onto College Lane. Turn right onto Hanover Street and you should see a sign for Tesco.

Nearest gym
The Gym, Liverpool One, One Park West, 29 Strand St, L1 8LT.
Directions: turn right out the front entrance then right again onto Thomas Steers Way. Follow down to Strand St. and take a right. 

Nearest post office
Located within W.H. Smith, 1-3, S John St, L1 8BN. 
Directions: exit the front entrance and follow the street towards college Lane, Turn left onto Wall street and follow the stairs down the S John St.

Nearest pharmacy 
Boots pharmacy - 9-11 Church St, L1 1DA. 
Directions: walk towards Cpllege Lane, then right onto Church St.

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