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Where can I find the nearest amenities to Wittenberg by Cove?

Want to pick up a few essentials or hit the gym? Find below nearby amenities to Wittenberg by Cove.

Nearest supermarket
Address: SPAR - Nieuwe Kerkstraat 65, 1018DZ.
Directions: Turn right out of the main gate. At Weesperstraat, cross the street and the store is located on the right side.

Nearest post office
Waterlooplein 169, 1011PG
Directions: Around 11 minutes walk. Turn right out the main gate and walk down Nieuwe Kerkstraat to Weesperstraat. Turn right and walk along Weesperstraat until Waterlooplein. Cross the street and continue going straight into Waterlooplein. You'll find the post office on the right.

Nearest pharmacy
Address: Apotheek de Castro Medicijnman  - Roetersstraat 19, 1018WB
Directions: Around 4 minutes walk. Turn left out the main gate and then turn right onto the Roeterstraat. The pharmacy will be on the left after passing by the university.

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